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Tech Tool: Tackk

Tool: TackkTACKK

Cost: Free

What it does: Create digital “posters” or pages that are easy to create and navigate. A variety of media and web tools can be incorporated as well. Other users can use the commenting feature to add content, comments or questions.

Integration Ideas: 

  • Use it to gather resources for a lesson
  • Flipped Learning
  • Post a video or article, have students respond to a question asking them to provide evidence(web resource, image, video, etc) for their response.
  • Students can use Tackks to share information
  • Share classroom information with parents
  • Present information to students
  • Share students work and connect with others
  • Create Digital Portfolios

Accounts for Students?

  • You don’t technically need an account to publish a Tackk, although any that are created without an account expire after 7 days.
  • Students under 13 can publish anonymously through the use of a code, provided by their teacher. If they want to go back and edit, they must be using the same device they created it on. Learn more here.

Example: Here is a Tackk I created to share information about TPACK. I used it for a course that I teach online, before using the Tackk I had all of the information on a single page in the course space, I thought the Tackk made the content more visually engaging and allowed others to easily add resources or comments.

What I love about it…

  • Can easily be embedded in other webpages, blogs, or wikis
  • You can embed many other tools (find some options here)
  • Ease of creation and navigation



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Encouraging Students to Unplug

Lately I have really come to value quiet moments. I’m not sure where it has come from….I want to say it stemmed from my New Years word for the year “mindfulness” but I think I’m getting worn down with constantly being connected.

I never thought I would say those words…ever…but lately, I cringe when my cell phone goes off.

And I know 100% I have done this to myself….so it’s time to undo it.

As I’m thinking about what steps I need to take to do this, I start wondering what this means for our kids. I know there are countless resources/opinions/recommendations for kids and technology. Many of those articles are focused on the home environment and what parents can do to support healthy habits.

So my wondering is…what is the educators role is this? With so many schools going 1:1, are they building in time where kids are off devices? Are students using the technology in meaningful ways?

Mainly…what kind of example are we setting? How can we foster healthy technology habits at school? 

Students might not appreciate it at first, I’m thinking it might even take years for them to, but if we give them something to refer back to, habits, routines, methods….maybe when they realize it’s time to unplug, they will have experiences to draw from.

So how can we encourage our students to appreciate being quiet or unplugging? Off the top of my head, here are some things I’ve come up with:

  • Quiet Free Time, students get a certain amount of time “free” time to create, read, draw, just sit, write…etc….
  • DEAR: Drop Everything And Read
  • Before using technology, think about why you are using it, if your students are old enough, verbalize it to them. What value does the technology have in their project? Does it add to their project in anyway?
  • Encourage students to think critically about the technology they are using, allow them to decide on a tool they want to use, and ask them to explain why that tool best fit their project.
  • Set an example, knowing when to put our own technology.
  • Combine tech projects/discussions with face-to-face discussions.
  • If giving students a choice for how they want to display their learning, give tech and non-tech choices.
  • Challenge students to keep track of their screen time for a week (I believe there are apps that will tell you how much time you’re spending on your phone).
  • Have students track how they spend their time online(Facebook vs homework?)

What are some ways you’re helping your students develop good technology habits? 


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Google Slides Reflective Activity

Since I’ve been on the topic of reflection these past few days, I thought I would share the collaborative reflection activity that I shared a few days ago in my initial Positive Reflection post.

  1. I chose the questions I want my participants to answer in this case:
    1. What is something you learned from our course?
    2. What are you excited about trying?
    3. What value do you see in using Google Slides in your classroom?
  2. I create a slide with these questions on it, and then I copy and paste the slide so each participant will have their one slide in one large presentation.
  3. The presentation is then shared so anyone with the link can edit it.
  4. Participants each pick their own slide, personalize it, and answer the questions.
  5. Once everyone is done with their own slide, they go through and comment on each others slides.

This is very similar to the Google Sheets and Forms reflection I shared a few weeks ago as well, I try to end each of my courses with a reflective activity utilizing the tool from that course. In a classroom context, I think providing students with a choice of how they want to reflect could be a way to keep them engaged in this process, maybe creating a “Reflective Menu” of sorts.

Here are two more Google Slides examples that can be used to collaboratively reflect on a topic, feel free to use and remix these as well.(See directions below for how to make a copy)

To make a copy of the presentations above, click the gear on the bottom of the presentation window, select , once you are in editing mode, go to and select . You will then have your own copy in your Google Drive to edit and share.

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Common Core Inspiration?

As I began to develop a course on the Common Core, I wanted it to be positive. I didn’t want to focus on all of the negativity that surrounds Common Core…and I have to say, I am finding this extremely common-core1challenging!  I’m not saying that the resources aren’t out there….I see many blogs creating and sharing resources, but I was looking for a quick inspirational movie or picture.

There are so many inspirational movies and posts about 21st Century Learning, these get us excited and motivated to make changes and try new things…where is that kind of thing for Common Core?

I understand that the Common Core isn’t perfect and that there is still a way to go….but all of the negativity is not going to help our students or teachers make this transition.

I was able to find this video, after a long time of searching and trying many different key words, but this isn’t even truly what I was looking for:



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