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20/20/20 Morning in the Classroom

About two weeks ago I discovered the 20/20/20 morning through Robin Sharma. The idea behind this is that you wake up at 5:00 AM, do twenty minutes of exercise, twenty minutes of planning/writing, and then twenty minutes for your own learning. You start your day with a ritual, and I’m finding that over the past two weeks I have adjusted this ritual to meet my needs and situation.

I am blown away by the changes that it has lead to for me and it’s only been two weeks. I’m writing daily and the time for my own learning has been amazing. For example, I signed up for a MOOC-Ed for the second time, first time around I only participated in the first week, but this time, I’ve been an active participant and I’m getting a lot of the course. The main reason being, those 20 minutes gave me the time to get invested in the course, so now I’m checking in more often.

I’ve started thinking, what if schools started their days like this? (Except the 5 AM part!) What if students came into the class, did twenty minuets of some type of movement, twenty minutes of writing, and then twenty minuets on the topic of their choice? Maybe not even 20 minutes of each…but ten? I know that time is very precious in the classroom, but I wonder if it would lead to students being more productive and on task? Giving them a solid transition between home and school?

I think back to my own classroom where the first half-hour of the day was when students settled in, did morning work and had breakfast…I had that half hour to use and this would have fit in nicely during that time.

I’m really curious has to how this would play out in a classroom and the affect it would have on students, here are some of my wonderings:

  • Would students be more engaged throughout the day?
  • Will it help them focus on school, rather than what happened on the bus or at home that morning?
  • Is there really time for something like this in a classroom with all of the other demands?
  • Would it inspire students to write more?
  • Would it inspire students to find a passion?
  • How would it affect their learning?

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