#28Daysofwriting Day 28…A few days late…

While the challenge finished up about two days ago, I’m just finally sitting down to write the last post.

Although I didn’t write every day of the challenge, I think it was a great step for me and I’m so glad that I participated.

I realized today that I’ve published more on this blog in the past month, than I had since I started it about three years ago. I struggled towards the end of month, to go from not writing at all, to writing everyday was definitely a challenge. I did give myself a little bit of space, feeling that this was already a big change for me and I didn’t want it to turn into something I dreaded everyday. So by giving myself that “permission” to take step back if I needed, it helped me stay positive throughout.

At day seven I wrote a post about all that I had learned so far, here is what it included:

  • I’m not the only one, as I read through other 28 day posts, I noticed a few people shared being nervous about putting things out that weren’t perfect and that it’s a challenge to write consistently.
  • There are many places to look for inspiration, I was over thinking things greatly!
  • Not every post is going to be perfect, and that is ok.
  • I think I was getting stuck on writing for other people because I want to be supportive and create a resource for others, but I’m learning that my blog can be a place for me to dig deeper into my interests and learning as well. Maybe it can be a mixture of both?
  • I’m on twitter more, and I feel like having a focus on twitter has helped me utilize it more effectively. While I enjoy scrolling through, sometimes it can be overwhelming so I don’t get too much out of it. But when I get on and specifically look at the #28daysofwriting content, I’m more likely to engage with people, and follow the links.

Another new thing I have learned or changed from this experience is that I’ve started using Tweetdeck to manage all of the hashtags that I want to follow. Before the #28daysofwriting, I would just explore my main feed, there was no need to separate things out, but since I was going on and searching for @28daysofwriting everyday…I decided I need to adjust how I use twitter. So far I’ve enjoyed it, and I’m starting to think I want to explore other tools as well.

At the end of that post I included some goals, which I hate to say I did not reach…but I don’t think it’s too late. I have signed up for the #28daysofcommenting, which I need to get started with!

Now that the blog has been kick started, I do want to keep the momentum…so I have a new set of goals for this month: 

  • Post at least once a week (I have two already planned after this one!)
  • Complete the @28daysofcommenting challenge
  • Set up my new blog/webpage

Thank you Tom Barrett for giving me the little push I need to get things moving forward, I’m looking forward to making even more connections through this next month as well.


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