#28daysofwriting Day 25, My One Hour Learning Journey

Yesterday I was working towards my goal of being more organized and a simple Pinterest search for a specific goal template…lead to an hour of personal learning and growth. I’m not talking, reading things here and there, checking facebook and twitter…there is a big potential for major change from the hour of exploring.

I don’t quite remember the steps….but it was something like this….(bear with me…I promise there is an ah-ha at the end of this…feel free to skip to bottom if you want!) 

1. Start searching for the template I saw a few days ago on Pinterest, found it, only to see that it’s a link to nothing, just the image(I hate when that happens!)

2. Begin the search again, trying to find the printable I want…as I’m doing this, I come across a post about how someone personalized their daily planner and the tools that she used.

Sidenote: I have been using an Erin Condren planner for three years now, I love it! But..I have been thinking about creating my own to better meet my needs, so of course I got sucked into the post.

3. As I started exploring links in her post, I ended up going in two different directions…First, I noticed that she kept talking about an Evernote Journal and how much she relies on Evernote. I’ve played with Evernote before, but it never really clicked. I had never thought of scanning things in though….so there was the first large ah-ha.

Second Ah-Ha, she also mentioned something about a 20/20/20 morning that she learned from Robin Sharma…so I started exploring that a little bit and started thinking about how that could fit into my life.

The results? 

I’m trying the 20/20/20 morning, or at least I did this morning, and I’m planning on doing it again tomorrow. Sharma says that it takes 66 days to make something a habit….so we’ll see. First day was a success!

Because I got up so early, and knew I had at least 20 minutes to work on my own learning, I was able to participate in a Mooc-Ed that I signed up for. (This is the second time I’ve signed up…I didn’t make it through the first time.) So as I began going through the course, I realized I wanted some place to keep everything as organized as possible and all in one place….my mind went to Evernote. I’ve started my Mooc-Ed notebook and have been exploring as I go.

So from that one hour of exploring I’ve: 

  • Become invested in a MOOC-Ed, and feel confident about staying involved.
  • Began learning and using a new tool, which I’m sure will further support the goal of becoming more organized!
  • tried a new morning routine, hoping to find more time for myself and time to focus on work before the daily craziness get started.

….All in one day

My Point? 

I should have been doing specific things during that time, I had things to get done(which I eventually did), but to me this speaks to the importance of following our interest and things we’re curious about. Rather than stress about the fact that I wasn’t checking things off my to-do list, I followed my interest and gained a lot from that hour. I was fully engaged in everything I looked through, I wasn’t getting distracted by facebook, email or twitter(except for when I was following new people)…I was focused and in a flow. When I came back to my to-do list, I was energized and excited to move forward. I jumped right into my work and accomplished a lot….I’m wondering if I would have gotten as much done if I hadn’t given myself that time?


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