#28daysofwriting Day 19

I don’t think there is going to be much to this post tonight…I spent most of the day organizing instead of doing “work”…but I think we all need days like that…where sometimes the focus just needs to be one something different.

Maybe because it’s the middle of February which means March is in sight….I’m feeling the need for an early spring cleaning? Or…since it’s been so cold here in the North Eastern United States and my kids have been sick on and off since November we’ve barely been able to get out of the house…I needed a change.

So that was the focus today…organizing and rearranging. In thinking about it though, I think it does help with my work(since I work from home), having some organization and space to do work, really helps me to focus.

I got really inspired today and have three different projects lined up, but I’m making myself take them one at a time, I figured each project will be motivation to get through the one before it.

I’m really excited about the second project…a frame so I can rotate out my son’s artwork. I already know where the frame is going to go. I just need to decide what I want to do(and get through my first project), here is what I’m thinking…(Click images for full posts on how-to.)


From Shannon Makes Stuff


From Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

He’s been so proud of his artwork lately and I really want to encourage that, right now everything goes on the fridge and eventually rotates down the pile then put in a folder.

In thinking about this project, it makes me want to create a space for him where his materials are set up and available to him at all times. Looks like I’m now up to four projects!


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