My relationship with Twitter

is…..inconsistent? hot/cold? love/hate?

Right now we’re getting along, I’m checking in frequently, mostly due to the #28daysofwriting. If I’m stuck for ideas, I spend some time reading other’s posts for that day and it gives me time to get into the writing “mode”. Where if I had just come into WordPress and opened up the a new post, I would probably end up on facebook or checking my email 10+ times before I decided to get serious about the post.

I’ve also started participating in the #gafechat, which I’ve really enjoyed and have even started to look for others to try out.  The amount of ideas and resources I gain in one hour on Twitter is amazing, and last night I was actually able to provide a resource for someone to learn and try something new.

But…in the back of my mind…I’m wondering if it’s coming….the overwhelm that usually happens. This would be where Twitter and I start to have problems. I’m not sure what it is…the constant flow, constant consuming…I check out, usually for a few weeks(it used to be months). I do always come back though….it is one of the key ways I support my professional learning.

This time though might be a little different…I’m starting to make connections, I’ve tweeted to people or replied to tweets, I’ve seen the great value Twitter chats can have, and I’m gaining inspiration from others ideas. I’m not just consuming, I’m adding content. As I write this, I’m wondering if that is the key? That Twitter can be too much if you’re trying to just consume, there is so much being shared all the time..there is no way to stay on top of all of it. But..if you stop to engage and focus on the things that are important to you, do you get more out of it? Does that take away that feeling of overwhelm?

Moving forward this is how I need to approach it, focusing on what’s important to me, using hashtags to really narrow down my focus, not just scanning through the content trying to take it all in, taking the time to read and connect a few things.

I’m wondering if this is part of the learning process when it comes to social media, that I needed to make the transition from consumer to contributor on my own? Or if I had been introduced to it differently, maybe in a structured setting would have I have used it more efficiently from the beginning? I don’t know the answer, but I’m thinking/hoping that I’ll be sticking around this time.


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