Being kind to ourselves, create an inspirational image in Google Drawing

A few days ago, I read post that was directed to moms, A Mantra for the Most Overwhelming Days, from Creative with Kids.

It came at perfect timing, since I’ve been thinking about unplugging, trying to use time more wisely and really focus on what’s important. I shared it out to twitter, where most of my followers are educators, since I felt this could really apply to everyone.

As I thought about my post for Valentine’s Day, I wanted it to be about kindness, I started thinking about teaching students kindness, educators being supportive of one another, but nothing seemed to really flow. Then I thought back to the post from Creative with Kids, about being kind to ourselves.

I think most people can agree that images can be inspiring, and I feel like the image in the Mantra Post really adds to it. I began thinking about easy ways to create your own and immediately Google Draw came to mind. There are many photo editing tools out there, but I thought this would be a nice fit for teachers and students already using Google Drive.

Below you will find a brief tutorial for creating an inspirational image in Google Draw. First here are some ideas for this type of project in your classroom:

Ideas for classroom use: 

  • Create an inspirational bulletin board in the hallway or classroom.
  • Have students put it in their writers notebooks.
  • Put the image in a Google Doc, have students explain their thinking and reason for choosing the image and quote.
  • Create your own for your grade or plan book.
  • Create a full class one, vote on a quote that represents your class, include the image on your webpage, blog or wiki.
  • Use it as a writing prompt.
  • Have students create one from a famous person’s point of view.
  • Using the collaborative features students can co-create images and use the commenting feature to explain their work.

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