My Goals and Beliefs as an Online Facilitator

Throughout many of my courses I find myself saying “that is a goal of mine”, although I’ve realized that I have never really sat down and written out my goals as an eCourse facilitator. I’m wondering if it would be helpful for my participants to have an understanding of how I approach my courses and what I hope to achieve, so here we go!

  • I want to help everyone achieve their own individual goals. If you have a question, something is unclear, or an assignment doesn’t quite fit your situation, I would be happy to work with you to adjust assignments and answer any questions. If I don’t know the answer, I will do my best to find it.
  • I want all assignments to be meaningful. This goes along with the goal above, but I want all of my assignments to be useful. If a project or assignment does not fit your situation or needs, we can create another to fit your goals.
  • Even the tiniest change is a step in the right direction, I like to celebrate the little steps! Try not to compare to other participants, we’re all at different points in the journey.
  • I’m flexible, with assignments and due dates.
  • I understand you have a lot of responsibilities outside of my class, I’m available even after our course is over to go over any questions you might have.
  • I strive to create an online community where everyone feels safe and comfortable to share their ideas and questions.
  • I value everyone’s ideas and contributions, one of the best aspects of facilitating online is the wide variety of experiences and backgrounds that come together. I learn something new every time a section of my course runs!

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