A little break

I’m stuck tonight, my mind is tired.

I’ve been pushing myself lately, as I’m sure we all do, but I realized today I’m pursuing a lot all at once. It’s all exciting and positive and moving me in a direction I’ve been wanting to go for the past four years, but it’s a lot.

All of a sudden, things are starting to line up and give me the little nudges I need:

  • This writing challenge for one, has pushed me in several ways: I’ve interacted with others on twitter, I’ve started writing, and I’ve put myself out there.
  • Teaching online, I’ve been teaching online for almost three years now, I’m feeling comfortable but also excited about changing some of my courses around.
  • I became a Google Certified Trainer this past December
  • I completed an Evocative Coaching training program

I feel like all of this is starting to come together and each thing is pushing me a little further out of my comfort zone, I’m starting to get a picture of where I want to go and how I hope to support teachers as they make changes in their classroom.

I’m realizing though, if I’m going to get there, I need to pace myself and be patient. It will all come in time and work out how it should.


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