My Procrastination for Tonight…

The first part of this post is how I spent my time instead of doing work tonight….but the second part of the post does include some ways to use the tool I discovered while I procrastinated. 

I sat down to do work an hour ago….a whole hour….and what did I do instead, I decided that I wanted to find if there was such a thing as a wireless Polaroid printer that I could link to my phone.

Here is the backstory, this past holiday I got a Polaroid instant camera, yes, they still make them! I’ve been mainly using it for a daily journal that I shared about in this post, it’s perfect because I can print quickly, they’re small (2x 3), and has sticker back, so I can stick it right into the journal. There have been quite a few times though, that the Polariod camera isn’t in reach and my kids are doing something really adorable, so I take the picture with my phone.

I started thinking that I would love some of the pictures on my phone for the journal, but didn’t want to go through the hassle of getting them from my phone to the journal…wasting paper because I want a tiny picture, ink in the printer, getting the picture on the computer and choosing the right size to print…yes all easy stuff, but I wanted it to be easier than that.

Anyway, to procrastinate tonight, that’s what I did, I found out that yes, Polaroid makes them(actually other companies to do), and that they have one coming out this spring that will work my iPhone. So I would say my procrastination was successful…except that I hadn’t done any of my work(this post included).

Throughout all of this searching, I did begin to think about these type of cameras and printers and how they would fit in nicely in a classroom situation. (Especially if your kids have devices that could hook up to one of these printers.) 

Here are some ideas I had for classroom use: 

  • Create a classroom album that is built throughout the year, kids decide what makes the album. The fact that it prints and sticks instantly makes it quick project. (Image looking back on that album at the end of the school year?)
  • If students create something from a medium(such as clay)that can’t be kept, they can take a picture and put it in a notebook, or on a piece of paper to share and document their thinking.
  • Take a picture to inspire writing, include the picture to the final copy.
  • If students create some type of diorama, they can take pictures of the important aspects to focus on, and write descriptions why, have it posted next to the project.
  • If students are using a device, they can use a photo editing app to create inspiring images.
  • If a student is really proud of something that they want their parents to see, they can bring a picture of it home with them.
  • Document a field trip or special event
  • Take a picture of each student, put the picture in the middle of a large piece of paper, papers get passed around for classmates to write what they like about the student pictured
  • Center of a brainstorming web or story web
  • Science journals, they can take a few pictures of their steps in an experiment

While all of these can be done with a regular digital camera, these cameras just save a little bit of time, and that little bit of time adds up!


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