Create an Interactive Calendar using Google Slides

As a new session of my Google Sheets and Forms in about to start, one thing that I’ve been thinking about creating is some type of visual timeline of the course. I was finding that participants weren’t always fully reading(don’t we all do this?) the course guide and there were some miscommunication when it came to grades. So I decided I needed to reorganize and try something new.

It took a little bit for me to think through what I wanted this to look like, I wanted a graphic and something that could be a live document, meaning it included links to important information and assignments. I thought about using Google Calendar and embedding it in the course site, but was worried that would be adding another tech element, I wanted this to be straight forward and clear. Next I thought about using Canva to design something, but as I got started, I realized that it wouldn’t be interactive…so back to the beginning I went.

Then it hit me, I had just finished facilitating a course on Google Slides where we talked about all of the design possibilities it holds. (Looking back, because of how I embedded the document, I probably could have used Google Draw as well.)

So here’s how I got started: 

1. I designed my image in Google Slides.

  • I added a table to create a calendar.
  • Inserted objects, specifically arrows and text boxes for the important information.
  • I typed basic information in the cells, using the alignment tool to adjust where the date was vs the text.
  • Went through and hyperlinked all of the important information.

Course Calendars

2. Once my design was done, I had to figure out the best way to embed it in my course site. I decided it should be a PDF, since it was a single page. I didn’t want to confuse users by embedding it as a presentation, which includes navigation and the option to open it in editor.

3. To change the the slide into a PDF, I went to <File> <Download as..> and selected <PDF Document>.

4. Once it was saved on my computer, I put it back into my Google Drive as a PDF. (Is there an easier way to do this?)

5. At this point, I wasn’t sure if my idea would work, so I Googled “Embed PDF, Google Drive”, luckily for me Kasey Bell at Shake up Learning, had just shared a post a few weeks ago on how to do this, from

6. After following the directions, it worked perfectly! Below is a screenshot of what it looks like embedded.



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