Top 5 Reasons I Love what I do

For the past three years I have been facilitating professional development courses at Powerful Learning Practice, before that I was a 5th grade teacher for four years. I loved the classroom, loved my kids, but my family was relocating and growing, so I(we) decided that we would change things for a little bit.

The transition was a little rocky….going from face-to-face kids, to online adults. Where I felt confident as a classroom teacher, I struggled as a new online facilitator. Looking back though it has been an amazing journey,  I’m constantly learning, growing and connecting through the classes I facilitate.

I have come to truly love what I do and look forward to every new session, here are my top 5 reasons why: 

1. Educators

Almost every participant in my courses are there by choice, they want to learn and do more for their students. It’s so inspiring to hear their experiences and excitement for trying new things. Whenever I see negativity about teachers and schools, I think about these teachers and how they give their personal time and sometimes spend their own money, because they want to try something new for their students. I wish more people recognized this.

2. The Sharing of Ideas 

Having many different perspectives and experiences in a course encourages a variety of ideas to be shared. Even if two people have totally different roles in education, they can still borrow and remix each others ideas.

3. Connecting

Many times my participants are from all over. When we do a group project and people are collaborating from different parts of the United States or the world, I think it’s a powerful experience for everyone, I love watching group projects unfold!

4.  I am Always Learning 

No matter how many times I’ve lead a course, I always learn something new. With all of the unique experiences and backgrounds of my participants, every section of a course is different.

5. I get a front row seat to change 

I get to watch participants go through new ideas, use new tools, pick what works for them, and then apply it in some way to their teaching. Even if it’s the tiniest change(which I encourage), it’s fun to think about all of the possibility it holds.


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