Google Slides Reflective Activity

Since I’ve been on the topic of reflection these past few days, I thought I would share the collaborative reflection activity that I shared a few days ago in my initial Positive Reflection post.

  1. I chose the questions I want my participants to answer in this case:
    1. What is something you learned from our course?
    2. What are you excited about trying?
    3. What value do you see in using Google Slides in your classroom?
  2. I create a slide with these questions on it, and then I copy and paste the slide so each participant will have their one slide in one large presentation.
  3. The presentation is then shared so anyone with the link can edit it.
  4. Participants each pick their own slide, personalize it, and answer the questions.
  5. Once everyone is done with their own slide, they go through and comment on each others slides.

This is very similar to the Google Sheets and Forms reflection I shared a few weeks ago as well, I try to end each of my courses with a reflective activity utilizing the tool from that course. In a classroom context, I think providing students with a choice of how they want to reflect could be a way to keep them engaged in this process, maybe creating a “Reflective Menu” of sorts.

Here are two more Google Slides examples that can be used to collaboratively reflect on a topic, feel free to use and remix these as well.(See directions below for how to make a copy)

To make a copy of the presentations above, click the gear on the bottom of the presentation window, select , once you are in editing mode, go to and select . You will then have your own copy in your Google Drive to edit and share.


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