28 Day Challenge…Here we go

On a whim I decided to join Tom Barrett’s 28 days of writing challenge….yesterday.

It’s a stretch for me….a big stretch, this blog has been in the back of my mind for three years now, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do…but when the to-do list gets going, this gets pushed to the bottom.

But now..I have to do it, 28 minutes a day, for 28 days. I’m a little nervous I’ve set myself up to fail, but at the same time hopeful it will turn into something positive and move this blog to the top of the to-do list daily.

I figured since I decided to do this so last minute I would use todays time to list out some ideas, think about the purpose of this blog and what I hope to accomplish through this blog.

First, the purpose: To support teachers with resources, ideas and encouragement for making changes in their classroom.

Second, What I hope to accomplish: I hope to become a safe place that teachers can come to, where they will feel accepted and supported as they think about new ideas or look for new things to try.

Some ideas: 

  • Coaching Course…experiencing being a newbie again
  • Teaching Online…what I’ve learned (making the transition from face-to-face 5th graders, to teaching adults online)
  • Tools
    • Google
    • Explore a variety of Web 2.0 Tools, I have an ever growing list of ones that I have not yet had a chance to explore
    • iPad Apps, I really need to explore these more
  • Making Changes
  • My Goals as an eCourse Facilitator
  • How I hope to change my courses
  • Find quotes/images to use as writing prompts

That’s all I have so far, I’m looking forward to more coming through as we get going. I’m also hoping that through these 28 days, I learn what works for me when it comes to blogging and how I can move forward to make this a useful resource.

I’m nearing the end of my 28 minutes…although this first round I let myself get a little distracted, and probably didn’t use time most efficiently, I think I have a good direction and I’m excited for the month!


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