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Collaborative Reflection using Google Sheets and Forms

TLOC Encouraging our students to be reflective not only allows us to determine the effectiveness of our teaching, but it also gives us a glimpse into their thinking and connections they have made with the content. For each of my eCourses I try to develop a reflective activity using the tool that has been the focus of the course. The one that I have started using in my Google Sheets and Forms course is definitely one of my favorite.

  1. All of my participants complete a form with reflective questions.
  2. Once everyone has completed the form, I then share the response sheet(when using a Google Form all responses are collected in a Google Sheet) so that anyone with the link can comment. This ensures that no one adjusts any one else’s responses, but it still allows for interaction. linkcomment2
  3. Participants then go to the sheet with all of the responses, read all of the responses, and use the commenting feature to leave questions and feedback for one another.

reflectI so enjoy this activity, not only does it show me what participants have taken away from the eCourse itself but I can actually watch participants making connections to each other and the content of the course.


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