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Common Core Inspiration?

As I began to develop a course on the Common Core, I wanted it to be positive. I didn’t want to focus on all of the negativity that surrounds Common Core…and I have to say, I am finding this extremely common-core1challenging!  I’m not saying that the resources aren’t out there….I see many blogs creating and sharing resources, but I was looking for a quick inspirational movie or picture.

There are so many inspirational movies and posts about 21st Century Learning, these get us excited and motivated to make changes and try new things…where is that kind of thing for Common Core?

I understand that the Common Core isn’t perfect and that there is still a way to go….but all of the negativity is not going to help our students or teachers make this transition.

I was able to find this video, after a long time of searching and trying many different key words, but this isn’t even truly what I was looking for:




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