National Poetry Month: Writing Inspiration For Kids


As a student, I never knew what to write about, for some reason my mind always went blank when I was given an thinkingassignment. I think brainstorming ideas or looking for inspiration is something that some students need to be taught. Here are some ideas for inspiring poetry for your students: 

  • Allow them the use of digital camera, have them to pictures of things they like and then write a poem inspired by the photograph. 
  • Brainstorm a list of things that are important to them.
  • Ask them to to do one of the creative activities below, but don’t tell them why they are doing it. When they have finished their piece of art, ask them to write a poem about it.
  1. Create a clay sculpture. (Use a digital camera to capture their sculptures)
  2. Doodle for a few minutes.
  3. Create a watercolor.
  4. Create a collage using newspapers, magazines, photos and drawings.
  • Find photographs to inspire your students using Creative Commons (This allows you to find pictures that creativecommonslogocan be used on the internet, usually you just have to give credit).
  • Think about the content you are currently covering, can they write a poem about a historical character/historical event? Or create a rhyme explaining a scientific idea?
  • Use the Shel Silverstein Poetry Took Kit
  • Poetry Idea Engine from Scholastic Kids
  • Read a variety of poems out loud. Have students pick one they like and write a simliar one.
  • Have kids create a Book Spine Poem using some of their favorite stories. (Found at School Library Journal)bookspinepoem
  • Have students chose their favorite month, time of year, or holiday and write a poem about it.
  • Have them cut out words from a magazine or newspaper and create a poem with the different pieces.
  • Have students bring in their favorite item to write a poem about.
  • For older students have them pick a current event and share their opinion about it in poetic form.

Please feel free to share other ways you inspire your students! 



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