April is National Poetry Month!

I loved teaching poetry…which is kind of ironic, because when I was young, I hated poetry. Well I shouldn’t say I hated poetry, I hated the work I had to do in school that was related to poetry. As a teacher I strived to

poetrymonthmake sure our poetry lessons were interactive and creative. While we did learn the different forms of poetry, I also incorporated activities that allowed the students to write poetry without any requirements, where they either wrote free form poetry or chose a form that they enjoyed. I wanted them to see that poetry was a creative and personal process.

My goal over this next month is to share quick resources and ideas for making poetry fun, creative and interesting for students.

Here are some resources to get started:

Poets.org: Introduces the idea of National Poetry Month and includes 30 ways to celebrate poetry month. They have several projects that students can participate in as well.

Poetry 180: A list of 180 poems for everyday of school, poems have been gathered by poet Billy Collins and is aimed towards high school students.

Poetry Archives: Has many poetry recordings and resources for teachers and students, including a section just for kids. 

Instant Poetry Forms: Forms that students can complete to help guide them through writing a poem.

Shel Silverstein’s Official Webpage: There is a kid section with games, printables, downloads, and a section atticwhere kids can send an ecard. There is also a teacher section that includes lists of poems and books, lessons and activities, and event kits. You will even find a Poetry Workshop Kit that has been developed for poetry month.

Jack Prelutsky’s Official Webpage: Similar to Shel Silverstien’s there is a section for kids where they can see several Poems and another section for teachers that has some activities.

Resources from Readwritethink. Includes websites, activities and lesson plans.

44 Ways to Celebrate Poetry all year long from Kristine O’Connell

The Learning Lab from The Poetry Foundation

One of my favorite poems from Taylor Mali, who is the author of the famous poem “What Teachers Make”.

What are some of your favorite poems? 



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